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Elkton has some great biking opportunities:  Henderer road, on the other side of the Umpqua river from Elkton, is paved from Elkton to the south side of Sawyer Rapids.  If you are biking the coast, Highway 38 was recently re-surfaced for "Bike Oregon" and a nice bike path added to accommodate 2000+ bikers. From Elkton to Roseburg, many bikers use 138, which has a reasonable bike path but high traffic and 3 long 7%+ hill to transverse.  A much nicer route follows the river with only a few hills and beautiful scenery following Mehl Creek Rd and West bank of the Umpqua to Bullock Rd. Crossing the Bullock bridge to the East bank of the Umpqua on 138 for only a couple of miles and then continuing along the west bank on Tyee road and into Old Garden Valley Rd.  This route has a few miles of dirt, but it is actually old pavement and is very hard packed and easy to ride.  Traffic is very sparse until you start getting close to Roseburg and then traffic picks up some.  This route has much less traffic than 138 but lacks the bike path in many areas: 

Elkton "Mehl Creek Rd. to Roseburg map. Click here!


Cottage Grove to Elkton...follow highway 99 out of cottage grove to cottage grove lake and pick up map on the other side of Cottage Grove Lake....see map..Click Here!

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