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Printable Packing List:

We recommend Gortex outdoor clothing because it breaths.  Gortex lets the skin moisture out while trapping the heat in and locking outside moisture out.  

For the most comfortable outing we recommend one coat, gloves, and boots made from this material.  Winter months we recommend layering clothing as mornings start out cool and warm up may require a heavier coat than summer.  In summer consider wearing a pair of shorts under your trousers so as the day warms you can remove the outer layers and absorb the sun shine!





Backpack (change of clothes - jerky/snacks)

Rain Gear

House robe & Slippers or socks


Don't Forget License & appropriate Tags (pen or pencil to fill out tags) poles shotguns etc...

Gear (some guides furnish the gear)


House shoes


Your Hostess:  Margaret Wardrope 541 389-2359 


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