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Data and information to make a informed decision on times and conditions to fish the Umpqua River.  Remember when fish enter a river they are on a schedule and waiting for the perfect conditions may miss the fish!  Click on links and each Species below to get fishing tips!

2012 and beyond Moon Phase Calendar

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Fishing information Links:  River water level at Elkton Oregon Coast Water TemperaturesFish count - weather-forecast - weather radar 

Species Calendar

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Recommended Fishing knots:  Float Stop , egg holder snel , leader to line                                                        

Crabbing (Bays)      x     x     x     X     X     X     X

The best ocean and bay fishing and crabbing is done on the incoming tide.  The moon controls many fish habits as well as the tde.  For instance many species will feed at night on a full moon and decrease strikes during the day!  It is generally accepted that salmon do not feed when they enter fresh water but are territorial and strike at anything in their space, this is especially true of salmon eggs drifted past them.  

Some of the best bank fishing is available right below the River Inn and fishing with drifting roe is recommended, but many fish are taken on most type of lures. Repalla, Rebels, and herring look-a-likes are best!  Fish strike fast and do not hold the lures or eggs in their mouths long...only to bite it a couple of times and spit it out!  One must watch closely the slack in the drifted line to hook one of these fighters.  We recommend a level wind reel with 15 pound test line.  If you are going to try an open face reel with a less tolerant drag system you may want heaver line.  I have caught 40 - 50 lb fish with 15 pound test (ANDE) line on a level-wind reel.  

You can see the fish rising from the deck at the River Inn and that is the time to fish!  River temperature  is also key to catching fish .  Below 66 degrees fishing is generally much better and the fish are not as lethargic.  Above 67 degrees (F) can be OK, if there are many fish in the area! 

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